Thursday 8 June 2017

We are proud to present this new release of Edward Ka-Spel the Legendary Pink Dots frontman's solo improvisations recorded back in 80's and unreleased till now.

Edward Ka-Spel ‎– The Perfect Patch

4mg Records ‎– 4MGMC03
Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, C42 
Released: 02 Jun 2017
Style: Ambient, Experimental, Abstract

A The Berlin Sessions 1 & 2 20:14
B Devascape A - An Amsterdam Space Jam 20:48

Limited to 100 copies. Each copy contains a unique download code on card to get this release digitally.
Cover by Alice.

Liner notes from the sleeve:
SIDE 1 The Berlin Sessions 1 & 2
The sound of Edward Ka-Spel lost in the Zone with synthesisers and effects units back in 1981, later developed a little, but never heard by the wider World in it’s entirety until now. There have been snatches revealed, on “Kleine Krieg” in particular but the full-on Kosmisch Attack was perhaps considered too indulgent for public consumption during the last 30 years.
Even so the session has a history. It was largely created in Conrad Schnitzler’s mighty music room in Berlin. EK stayed with him in 1981, ostensibly to make an interview for a fanzine (which sadly never appeared) and the great pioneer kindly gave him shelter for almost a week.
One night Conrad had a dinner appointment and invited The Pink Dots' singer to “do whatever he wanted“ on the synths and echo chambers scattered around the magical space.
It was the equivalent of 15 Christmases arriving at once. He indulged himself and recorded the results for posterity. Bless you Conrad…we all miss you!

SIDE 2 DEVASCAPE A - An Amsterdam Space Jam
From the vault, a slightly edited, enhanced session from EK on the Yamaha CS30 synthesizer from 1986. Hours of this material in fact remains unheard, but this was deemed worthy of a wider audience than the contents of a cupboard.

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Tuesday 6 June 2017

NEW release!!!

Naši Hostia: Experimental Studio Bratislava Series 3

Label: 4mg Records ‎– 4MGLP11, Experimental Studio Bratislava, Music Centre Slovakia, Slovak Arts Council, Multiart
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered 
              CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, Promo 
Country: Slovakia
Released: May 2017
Genre: Electronic
Style: Musique Concrète, Experimental

A1 –György Ligeti - Poéma Pre 100 Metronómov (Excerpt) (1968) 5:00
A2 –Liviu Dandara - Affectus Memoria (Excerpt) (1973) 5:00
A3 –Milan Slavický - Variace Na Laserový Paprsek (Excerpt) (1982) 5:00
A4 –Georg Katzer - Rondo (Excerpt) (1976) 5:00
B1 –Lothar Voigtlaender - Meditation Sur Le Temps (Excerpt) (1975) 6:30
B2 –Zoltán Pongrácz - Mariphonie (Excerpt) (1972) 6:30
B3 –Alois Piňos - Speleofonie (Excerpt) (1976) 6:30
CD1 –György Ligeti - Poéma Pre 100 Metronómov (1968) 8:34
CD2 –Liviu Dandara - Affectus Memoria (1973) 8:48
CD3 –Milan Slavický - Variace Na Laserový Paprsek (1982) 9:49
CD4 –Georg Katzer - Rondo (1976) 10:11
CD5 –Lothar Voigtlaender - Meditation Sur Le Temps (1975) 12:51
CD6 –Zoltán Pongrácz - Mariphonie (1972) 8:11
CD7 –Alois Piňos - Speleofonie (1976) 8:37

LImited to 500 numbered copies. You can order at Discogs.

You can listen to the vinyl version here at BANDCAMP

Tuesday 2 May 2017

WAVE EARPLUG NO.1 - new vinyl LP OUT NOW - new series to promote the underground wave scene across Europe

Various ‎– Wave Earplug No.1

4mg Records ‎– 4MGLP12

Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation 
Country: Slovakia
Released: 01 May 2017
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synth-pop, Synthwave, New Wave, Electro

A1 – Paralelo - Hasta La Muerte
A2 – The Revolving Eyes - Possession Analogique
A3 – ImiAFan - Na Druhú Stranu Ulice
A4 – Venin Carmin - It's Gonna Be Wild
A5 – Angaudlinn - Rid!
B1 – Exhausted Modern Featuring Zarkoff - Proximity
B2 – Trois Traffic - Cry Baby Cry
B3 – Staatseinde - Zyklus
B4 – Second Planet - Vorbei

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Saturday 11 February 2017

Miki Bernath & Damolh33 ‎– Flat Surfaces CASSETTE RELEASE OUT NOW!!!

Miki Bernath & Damolh33 ‎– Flat Surfaces

4mg Records ‎– 4MGMC02

Cassette, Album, Limited Edition 

File, FLAC, MP3, Album 


01 Feb 2017


Ambient, Minimal Techno, Experimental


A1 Life Goes 6:01

A2 Alhambra 4:02

A3 Cocus 4:42

B1 HARCHA 4:55

B2 Spectrum 5:00

B3 Search 5:02

1 Flat Surfaces (Bonus Track - Digital Only) 7:57

2 Press Gives (Bonus Track - Digital Only) 4:49

Limited to 70 copies. Each copy contains a unique download code on card to get this release digitally including 2 extra tracks.

Digital preview of this release is available at our Bandcamp

OUT NOW!!!!Price: 7 EUR including shipping worldwide
Please email me to order your copy.